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General Terms and Conditions, Faunaseeds BV

General terms and conditions  applicable    to      the  assignments  of:

Faunaseeds BV, Chamber  of  Commerce  Enschede  nr. 08.095.321,  established  at  7635  LJ,  Breklenkamp  on  the  Hoofdstraat

  1. These conditions  are  on  .. May  2011  filed  with  the  registry  of  the District Court  in  Almelo  under  number  ... /  2011.



  1. These terms and conditions apply to all  quotations made by Faunaseeds  BV, hereinafter referred to as  FAUNASEEDS, and to all agreements concluded by FAUNASEEDS  with customers/clients,  hereinafter referred  to   as the  customer,  regarding  the  sale,  delivery  or making available.    of  business/services.  
  2. Additions and/or  deviations  from these terms  and conditions  only  apply  if  they have been accepted in  writing by FAUNASEEDS.  
  3. Deviating behavior  or  use  in  the  past  can  never  lead  to  the    invalidation   of (provisions  of)  these terms and conditions.



  1. Any general terms and conditions  of  the  customer  are  not  valid. The  applicability  thereof  is  expressly rejected by  FAUNASEEDS.  
  2. If any clause forming part of these general terms and conditions or of the agreement would be null and void or is annulled, the agreement will otherwise remain in force and the relevant clause will be  replaced  immediately  in  consultation  between the parties  by  a clause that  respects  the  purport  of  the   original clause  approached as much as possible.


Conclusion of the agreement

  1. All quotations  are  always without obligation,  unless  otherwise   agreed in writing.  
  2. Verbal and  telephone  agreements as well as  promises  from  FAUNASEEDS  employees  only  bind  FAUNASEEDS if they have been confirmed in writing  by  FAUNASEEDS.  
  3. FAUNASEEDS   cannot  be  held  to  its  offer  if  the  customer  can  reasonably  understand that the offer, or a part thereof,contains an obvious mistake orerror. An offer will automatically expire if the item to which the offer relates   is no longer available in the meantime.
  4. The   parties are  free  to prove the  conclusion  of  a  contract    by other      means.
  5. The offer only applies to the assignment for which the offer has been made and does not automatically  apply to any  future  (similar)  assignments,  unless stated otherwise in writing.  
  6. The agreement  is    concluded  after  written  acceptance  by  the  customer  with  explicit mention that the customer agrees with these conditions, hereinafter referred to as: "the  agreement".






  1. The prices  quoted  by  FAUNASEEDS  in  the  agreement  are daily prices,  unless  a  validity period has been indicated in writing.  
  2. FAUNASEEDS, if necessary plus sales tax, will charge this to   the customer    weekly, monthly or immediately after completion  of  the    sale,  delivery  or  making  available  by  means  of  a  proper  invoice.







  1. The customer  is  obliged to  pay the invoice amount  within  the  agreed  periods,  but  in  no  case  later  than  14  days  after the invoice date,  in  euros, at the  offices of FAUNASEEDS  or  by  means    of of  payments in favour    of  a bank account  to  be  designated  by        it,    without  any  right  to discount or set-off, unless otherwise agreed in writing.  
  2. If the  customer has not  fulfilled    his  payment obligations  on  the due date,  he    is  immediately in default by operation of law without notice of default being required. In that case, the customer is liable  for all damage to be suffered by  FAUNASEEDS.  


  1. If deliveries are made in parts, FAUNASEEDS is not obliged to deliver further than after the  invoices  relating to the partial deliveries already  made  have  been  paid, without prejudice to the  provisions   of the other paragraphs  of this article.
  2. In the absence of  timely payment, the customer owes, without notice or notice   of default, interest   of  1%  per  month  on  the  unpaid    part  of  the principal sum. A  part of the month is considered a  full month.
  3. All costs of collection, both judicial and extrajudicial, are for the account of the defaulting customer. The extrajudicial costs are set at 15% of the  unpaid  part of the principal sum, witha minimumof  €  250,-.  However, if FAUNASEEDS has incurred higher reasonable costs for collection, the costs actually incurred are eligible for       reimbursement,   including any judicial  and enforcement costs incurred.   The  customer  also  owes  the   interest  as  referred to in  paragraph 4    of  this  article  on  the collection costs  incurred.






  1. If a period has been agreed or specified for the completion of certain activities or for the delivery of certain goods,    these    are  never  strict  deadlines  and  default  only  occurs  after  a  proper notice of default,  unless  otherwise in writing.   united.
  2.  When   part  of  an  order is ready,  FAUNASEEDS    can  deliver  this  part  or  only

deliver when  the  entire  order is   ready,   without prejudice to  the  provisions of paragraph  1  of  this  article.



Non-attributable  shortcomings  (force majeure)

  1. If FAUNASEEDS  is  temporarily  prevented   from fulfilling its obligations due to circumstances beyond its control and risk sphere after the conclusion of the agreement,  it    is  entitled to suspend the  execution  of the agreement for the duration of the impediment. The customer is entitled  to dissolve the   agreement      if,  in  view  of the circumstances  of  the    case,  he    cannot  reasonably  be  expected  to cancel  the  (cause  of    the)  verhindering  await.
  2. If FAUNASEEDS  is  permanently  prevented from attending  by  circumstances  arising as    referred to  above in  paragraph  1

to   fulfil its obligations,  each  of the parties    is  entitled  to dissolve the  agreement,  insofar  as it has not yet been executed at  that  time. 

  1. In these terms and conditions, force majeure is understood to mean, in addition to what is understood in the law and jurisprudence, all external causes, foreseen or unforeseen, on which  FAUNASEEDS  cannot exercise any influence, but as a result of which  FAUNASEEDS is unable to fulfil its obligations (including the situation that  FAUNASEEDS  is not affected by its own suppliers for whatever reason.       is  enabled to  deliver).   FAUNASEEDS  also  has  the  right  to  invoke   force            majeure if the circumstance that prevents  (further)  performance  of the agreement  occurs  after  

FAUNASEEDS   should have  already complied.


Delivery, transfer of risk  and  transport

  1. A delivery  of  10%  more  or  less  than  the  ordered  quantity  is  deemed    to  comply with the agreement  on    the    understanding  that  a  price  is  due  that corresponds to  the

actual delivered  quantum.

  1. The customer  bears  the  risk  of  the  goods  made  by  him  from  the  moment  they    are  delivered  to  him  (actually      made  available). The  goods  have been  delivered  to  the  customer

as soon as the  goods     have been deposited at the address indicated by the customer      at  the  address  indicated  in the order  or  as soon as  the  goods have actually  been    received by the customer there  or  elsewhere  by the customer be.



  1. All complaints regarding      deliveries  and  invoice amounts must   be    made  in writing  within  5  days  after  receipt  of  the  goods  or  the  invoice. If  the  customer does  not  within  this

if he complains,  he  is  deemed   to agree  with  the  delivered goods.   Goods  can  only be returned by  the customer after consultation with FAUNASEEDS. The customer will not be able to assert any claim against FAUNASEEDS after the delivered goods have been put into full or partial use. The customer is responsible for the consequences of ambiguity of

information provided to him to FAUNASEEDS, which are important for the correct execution of the assignment.


  1. Any legal claim for  damages  on the basis  of  liability   with regard    to  defects  in delivered goods or services performed will lapse one year after the time of  actual  receipt.



  1. As  long as the customer has not paid the full amount of the purchase price with any additional costs and any    claim for compensation  from  FAUNASEEDS  due to attributable  shortcoming  of  the customer in this respect,  FAUNASEEDS reserves the ownership of the  goods. Unless  otherwise stipulated,  FAUNASEEDS also reserves the ownership of the goods if the customer does not yet fulfil all his already existing obligations arising from agreements under which  FAUNASEEDS  has delivered or will deliver goods,or arising from the customer's failure        to  comply with  a   agreement  as referred to above,  towards  FAUNASEEDS  has been fulfilled  or

has provided sufficient  security for this. The  ownership  is  transferred to    the  customer as soon as  he has fulfilled  all his obligations at FAUNASEEDS.

  1. As long as the ownership of goods delivered by FAUNASEEDS has not yet been transferred to the customer, the  customer is obliged  to  keep  and/or make the goods,  which are the  property  of  FAUNASEEDS,    identifiable  and  to  make  them  identifiable from each other  and  from  the  other  to isolate  goods  located  at  the  customer's premises.     Furthermore

properly    insure these items   against  breakage,  fire  and  theft.   The  customer  is obliged to provide FAUNASEEDS with the policy and proof of payment of the insurance premium for inspection on request.

  1.  As long as the  delivered  goods have not  yet been paid in      full,  the  customer    is  not  authorized  to      resell,  deliver  or  pledge the goods  or in any other  way,  under  which  title  also,  whether  or  not  to  transfer      or make   available to another person,  whether  or  not in  use.  


Liability and  indemnification

  1. Apart from cases  of  intent  or   gross     negligence   on the part of  FAUNASEEDS, FAUNASEEDS   is  only  obliged  to pay compensation for damage suffered  by the customer,    however  named  or  for  whatever  reason   arise,  up to  ten

highest the  amount  of  the invoice value  of  the goods delivered by FAUNASEEDS in connection with which the damage occurred.

  1.    In all  cases  where  FAUNASEEDS   is entitled to invoke   the provisions of  paragraph  1,  it    may, where  appropriate,

the employees  and auxiliary persons addressed also    rely  on it,    as if  this  provision  had been stipulated by the employees and auxiliary persons concerned. 

  1. If the  customer  holds  FAUNASEEDS  liable  for  any  damage,  however    named  or   for whatever    reason,  he  is  obliged to prove      faunaseeds  that  he has delivered the  delivered    goods    responsibly  

has dealt with   it, in         particular as   regards  use  and  application,  in  relation  to  the  nature of the product. 

  1. When   discovering    a  shortcoming    of the delivered item,    the  customer  must take preventive  measures to limit the damage.  
  2.    The customer  indemnifies  FAUNASEEDS  against  all  claims  of third parties  who suffer damage in connection  with  the  execution  of the agreement,    unless  it  is  established  in  law  that  these  claims be a  consequence

of intent  or  gross negligence   on the part of FAUNASEEDS and the customer also demonstrates that he is not at fault in this respect.



  1. Dutch  law  applies    to    all  agreements  between  the  customer  and  FAUNASEEDS to which these general terms  and conditions apply.  
  2. All disputes  will  initially      be  settled  by  the  competent  court in the  jurisdiction  in  which  FAUNASEEDS is domiciled (Court of Overijssel).
  3. In   derogation from the  provisions  of paragraph 2,  the  customer  and  FAUNASEEDS  may  opt  for  a  different  method  of  dispute resolution.  
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